13 Daily Habits for Pimples, Everyday Acne Causes

When you think that you are done with your “acne phase” being way past your adolescent stage, you start breaking out. The truth is that while adolescents are more prone to breakouts because of the changes in their body, acne can attack at any age.

Young-teenage-woman-with-pimpleThe main culprits to having acne are excessive production of oil and having 4-5 times the number of cells than the average person. But there are many other things that trigger the appearance of acne and one of these things is having a poor skin care routine.

You might not know it, but the things you do and the way you treat your skin may be the reasons why you’re having acne problems right now.

Here are some everyday habits that you should start avoiding as they may be causing your acne:

Skin care products containing ingredients harmful to the skin

If you’re spending money on skin care products, then you might as well make sure that these products are doing their jobs and not damaging your skin.

Many skin care products out in the market contain ingredients that irritate the skin and thus cause acne. So check the labels of the skin care products that you’re currently using or before buying.

Some of the harmful ingredients include artificial color (look for FD&C), artificial fragrance, petroleum, mineral oil and Isopropyl Myristate.

Over-drying your face

Another mistake that people make (especially those with oily skin) is over-drying their face with alcohol-based toners, thinking it would help remove the excess oil their skin produces.

The skin naturally corrects itself, producing even more oil when it is over-dry. Don’t scrimp on your moisturizer – it is important to always keep your skin hydrated.

Pressure on face

Did you know that applying physical pressure on your face like using a cell phone constantly, unconsciously resting your hand on your face while watching TV or having a violin pressed against your face actually cause acne?

This is because it exposes your face with plenty of bacteria and the pressure speeds up the process of acne.

These things are inevitable, so just be sure to be more conscious about the cleanliness of the things that will have constant contact with your face to minimize bacteria.


Stress is a big enemy to the skin mainly because it causes wrinkles.

But did you know that it also provokes acne production by increasing the amount of hormones that cause acne?

So if you’re under constant stress, you know what’s causing your breakouts. The best way to fight stress is to de-stress – find the time to do things that relaxes your body and calm your mind.

Your laundry schedule

Seems a bit odd, but if you don’t do your laundry as often as you should be, it may be the reason behind your breakouts. How?

Take your bed sheets and your pillow case as examples. Every night, you are basically rolling in a bed full of bacteria, oil and dead skin cells. You are also wiping bacteria on your skin if you’re not using a fresh towel.

Your bed and pillow covers should be changed at least once a week and you should change to a fresh towel daily to minimize the bacteria that gets onto your skin. Also, watch out for the detergents and fabric softeners you use as most of them contain chemicals that could cause skin irritation.

Hair products

It may be hard to see the connection at first, but the hair products you use may be a factor as to why you are having acne problems.

First is that your hair constantly comes in contact with your face, transferring bacteria into it.

Second, the bacteria from your hair also transfers onto your pillow case. So unless you wash your hair every night before you go to sleep, your face gets a share of your hair’s bacteria.

Brushes-for-make-upHair products that contain oil, silicones and plasticizers contribute to clogging your pores so make sure that steer clear of these products.

Dirty make-up applicators

You’ve already made sure that your make-up is non-comedogenic and safe for the skin, but you’re still breaking out. Maybe you’re using dirty make-up applicators.

Make it a habit to wash your sponges, brushes and other make-up applicators after very use to avoid bacteria build-up.

Your Diet

The foods you choose to eat really do affect your skin’s health.

Having an overall unhealthy diet increases the risk of acne development.

High glycemic index foods such as candy bars, chocolates, pasta, white bread, white rice, refined sugar and fried foods are among those that intensify the risk of acne so consume these in moderation.

Your Perfume

If you’ve heard that scented make-up, detergents and fabric conditioners can cause acne, perfume is no exception. Not only does it increase the risk of a breakout but it also increases the risk of skin irritation. So the next time you put on perfume, avoid getting it onto your face.


Smoking is bad for your health and for the health of your skin, too. Researchers recently uncovered evidence that smoking does cause acne through a study. The study showed that smokers who had acne in their teen years had 4 times more likely to breakout compared to non-smokers who also had acne during their teens.

If you are currently suffering from a case of acne, go through this list carefully and see what you’re not avoiding to find out the root cause of your problem.

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