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Acne Treatment Acne is an inflammatory skin disease that occurs due to interactions between hormones, sebum, and bacteria in your body. It is a stressful skin condition that is not always easy to cure. Pimples can surface on your face, neck or back. Mood and confidence can be greatly affected by skin breakouts. There are many options for acne treatment. The best way to achieve clear skin is to use a natural method. Managing the oil secretions, hormones and bacteria are the best ways to cure skin breakouts. Unfortunately most of our society chooses a pharmaceutical approach rather than a holistic treatment program. Holistic approaches have been proven to be the best treatment for clear skin. Why not try taking a holistic and homemade approach to treating your breakouts? Natural acne treatment focuses on identifying the underlying cause of the problem. The best acne treatments often don’t require the long term use of prescription or natural medications. Much of it can be accomplished with homemade organic remedies. Topical skincare is only a small part of the solution. But you will want to begin with a routine that focuses on skin cleansing, exfoliation, oil and bacterial control and skin turnover. Focusing on what goes inside of your body is even more important. Here are some holistic acne treatment approaches Many medical studies have suggested that food allergies are a major contributor to acne. A simple blood test can determine if food allergies may be

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