Anyone have ways to get rid of pimples?

Just to make things clear, taking additional showers or whatever WILL NOT make acne better. It will stimulate the skin to produce more oil. And yes, diet is important too. Milk and dairy products can make acne worse.

Here is a series of products that might help though.

1. Herbal products:
Try starting with black african soap twice daily, or apply lemon juice to the skin. Careful not to let it dry.

2. Over the counter products:
2% benzyl peroxide and titrate up as needed
second line: 2% salyclic acid. this might work if benzyl peroxide fails but it will dry out the skin super fast

3. Pharmacologic agents (rx only)
1st line: topical retonoids such as Adaplene or Trentinoin. Tazorac too if the previous don’t work but it can dry the skin really fast.

If this doesn’t work or if the acne is more severe: You might have to add in anti-biotic as well such as clindamycin, minocycline, doxycycline, tetracycline, etc. This can be topical or orally depending on the drug.

4. Last line if acne is severe, nodules are present, and nothing else works: Clarvaris or equvialent isotrentoin product. This works wonders but is pretty much guaranteed to cause birth defects. To get this, the doctor has to sign some ipledge form, you must not have sex for x amount of years, blah blah. Not a good idea unless NOTHING ELSE works.

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