Ginger For Acne Treatment

Acne is an inflammatory disease which seriously attacks  your skin glands. As  your pores are clogged by dirt and oils, your sebaceous glands secrets excess fluid which can mix with the dirt and produce pimples and blackheads. Acne can affect anyone in the human body structure and physiological perspective, but teenagers are highly exposed to this disease.If you see any acne symptoms,you can avoid it with basic household products. In order to effectively get rid off acne, the remedy is found either treating the inflammation that occurs or helping clean out the skin pores. Other non-pathogenic agents can also help since any infection will make it more complicated to remove your acne.For particular cases,please  consult a dermatologist for further advice on the ways to treat your particular acne condition, keeping in mind that you should not use ginger medicinally for acne or other conditions prior to consulting a doctor.Ginger  is an underground stem  which has more than 30 non-inflammatory chemicals like gingerols, shogaols and  zingibain.Using naked eye, a dermatologist can visualize  inflammation signs in acne pimples, like redness and swelling. Inflammation is particularly severe in cystic acne, characterized by tender, swollen and pus-filled cysts. Even though there are insignificant researches on ginger’s power on inflammation in acne, there are many experiments applied on its effect on conditions such as arthritis and diabetes 2.There are no defined way to prepare ginger in tea form for acne, you can make  it as you would to maintain your normal  health condition.On the other hand, use  ginger to make your tea to a level that you want since it can be quite strong if you don’t use ginger tea specifically with your acne condition. Medical Center of the University of Maryland recommends that it  is not good to use more than 4 g of ginger per day.If you pass this dosage,it may cause problems like oral irritation, mild heartburn or diarrhea. It’s preferable to use raw ginger or ginger juice root than powdered ginger, since it contains active ingredients which may benefit acne.You can squeeze out small amount of  ginger juice and smoothly apply it on your face or the acne-affected parts  and observe the improvements  seen on your skin after 4-5 days.Many people who try this said that ginger juice works  well for accidental outbreaks and pimples.Additionally,you can apply  the juice as a face mask for sun-burnt and blemished skin.Also,you can  include this spice in your daily diet.Since a little every day goes a long way,you can also apply some  ginger in your spinach-lettuce juice during morning time.Just pass a little ginger with spinach and lettuce while making the juice. 


Ginger Recipes for the removal of Acne

A. Ginger,Papaya and Vinger mix

Take 100ml vinegar,8.5-9 grams of ginger and 55-60 grams of papaya. Put the mixes in the pan with boiling till the vinegar is dry, get rid off the papaya and ginger to eat. Use it only one per day  and continue for 7 conservative days. If you use it consequently,it is effective for acne due to Sputum temperature of spleen and stomach.

B. Honey Water-Ginger mix

Put 5 sliced ginger into the cup, using 220-280ml of water soak for 6-10 minutes, and add a little honey and stir thoroughly.After you mix all the needed stuffs,you can drink it as a tea. It is very effective for the removal of acne and spot.

Since ginger has a variety of active ingredients, it:

  • Minimizes free radicals
  • Improves anti oxygen compounds within he human body
  • makes the skin smooth, ruddy face
  • Prevents crack skin
  • Enriches the blood.

C.  Acne Scar removal by ginger mask

Simply cut  the ginger into pieces and use it on the acne scar by firmly pressing the ginger on the skin until the pieces of ginger stuck to the face by itself. r For 5-10 minutes,you will feel some heating .Then remove it after a few minutes.Use this stuff once per week .The ingredients in ginger can accelerate skin recovery and activate blood circulation . However,this ginger mask applies only for acne scar and not for acne treatment.Last but not least,ginger mask is not applied for sensitive skin.


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