Treating acne with 4 simple home remedies

Acne can be quite a pain. First of all, it does not choose its “victims.” Both men and women are highly prone to acne. Even small children are prone to this pesky skin problem! Good thing there are a lot of professional skin doctors these days who can easily recommend products or medicines that can help treat acne. However, for those who cannot afford to go to the dermatologist regularly, here are 5 simple home remedies that you may want to consider. With these 4 simple and easy to do and easy to find products, treating acne has never been easier!

1. Use honey. Research has shown that honey can be quite an effective tool against acne. Honey has antibiotic properties and these can help fight acne-causing bacteria. Treating acne with honey is simple to do – just get a few ounces of honey, apply this directly on your face and let it sit for a few minutes. Treat it like an instant honey face mask! After a few minutes, rinse the honey off your face. Not only will your skin feel supple and soft but it now has antibiotic properties that can ward off acne-causing bacteria.

2. Use water and oatmeal. Yes, oatmeal is no longer just for breakfast! Oatmeal, according to scientific research, can also “attract” the oil from your face. This means that with less oil found on pores of your skin, the lesser chances of the development of acne. Treating acne with oatmeal is easy to do. Just mix oatmeal with a small amount of water. Place the mixture directly on your face. Treat it like an instant oatmeal face mask! Rinse it off after several minutes. It’s recommended that you do your oatmeal face mask regimen at least twice a week.

3. Here’s a great alternative facial scrub you can create right from home! Mix baking soda and water. Use the mixture by applying this on your face. Treating acne this way is effective since the mixture will help remove the excess oil from your face.

4. Got a lot of oranges lying around the kitchen? Make use of them! Take an orange and peel it off. Pound the orange peel well and then mix with water. Apply the mixture on your face for about thirty minutes then rinse. Not only will your face be acne-free soon but it will even smell nice.


How To Deal With Pimple Scars

Like any painful experience in life which has been imprinted in your heart, the scar it leaves is bound to stay for quite some time. So too with pimple scars, it is bound to leave a painful stain in your skin if it has been left to stay unattended.

How do we deal with pimple scars? One, face the problem you are in; you have pimples that perhaps you pricked and this has caused some pimple scars. Before the inflammation becomes harder to cure, go to a dermatologist if only to find out if it is only skin deep or has now infected a deeper part of your body.

Two, go on with your desire to deal with your pimple scars by patiently applying scar cream or oil. Three, approach a professional skin expert and make an appointment to make sure your regimen is on the right tract. Three, if finances do not allow you to continue the services of an expert all the time, ask the experiences of friends who might even be honored to share their own secrets on how they dealt with pimple scars themselves. Four, read up on how others have successfully won their battle against pimple scars and before you know it, you can modify your own regimen.

Big businesses come from simple curiosity. How to deal with pimple scars might lead you to a cure of your pimple scars at the same time open for you a business venture. Nothing beats one’s experience of beating the presence of pimple scars and successfully doing it – in one’s unique way.

In a world where it seems nothing is unbeatable you can certainly beat pimple scars. One principle to follow is to view your scars as a temporary problem that demands enough attention. With your own pimple scars as the context on which you can work on, the timeframe remains in your hands how fast you can overcome its persistence to scar your skin. Second principle which is in order is to lay down your course of action which implies that a follow through must be observed religiously. Third principle is lifetime implementation and monitoring which should not be discouraging because it is your future that is at stake. You feel more confident once you beat your pimple scars. You will feel very presentable and ready to move forward to greater heights. Life is what you make it as experts say and so can you.